План-конспект урока-дискуссии:"In Search of Love and Happiness" Организация урока-дискуссии требует определенной предварительной под - davaiknam.ru o_O
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План-конспект урока-дискуссии:"In Search of Love and Happiness" Организация урока-дискуссии - страница №1/1

Остапенко Г.А ,учитель УВК “гимназия-школа” 27

План-конспект урока-дискуссии:”In Search of Love and Happiness”

Организация урока-дискуссии требует определенной предварительной подготовки. Вначале проводим “мозговой штурм” по планированию предстоящего дела: делим класс на 3-4 микрогруппы по 4-5 детей в каждой; вырабатываем правила во время дискуссии; выбираем тему,наиболее понравившуюся , либо комбинируем идеи; выбираем ведущих дискуссии.

Задачи урока:

Учебные:развивать розговорные навыки(монологической и диалогической речи),и аудирования

Развивающие:развивать способности к сравнению,умозаключению,обобщению,анализу,логичности,развивать умения выражать свое отношение к обсуждаемому вопросу,выяснить и обсудить мнение и отношение собеседника к обсуждаемому вопросу.

Воспитывающие:формирование умения учеников работать в паре,группе,коллективе,относиться толерантно к высказываниям и мыслям своих товарищей.

Оборудование:плакат с правилами проведения дискуссии,высказывания о любви,карточки для ведения дискуссии,тексты,ситуации для обсуждения,вопросы мотивирующие высказывания участников дискуссии.

Наглядный материал:

“Love is like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in June” (R.Burns)

“Happiness is a way station between too little and too much” (Channing Pollock, an American actress)

“Love conquers all” (The author unknown)

“We can only learn love by loving”

“Love doesn’t consist in gazing at each other, but on looking together in the same direction”

Discussion Rules:

1.Respect each other.Be kind with your words and actions.

2)Cooperate with all the participants of the discussion.

3)Raise your hand when you have something to say.

4)Never interrupt or make noise while any pupil is speaking, be positive.

5)Don’t be afraid to speak up,but when speaking give your arguments, facts.

6)We discuss not people but different points of view and opinions.

Ход урока:

1.Warm-up Discussion

T:As the theme of our lesson-discussion is “In Search of Love and Happiness” I’d like to rephrase Mother Teresa’s Message:

Love is an apportunity, benefit from it.

Love is a beauty,admire it.

Love is a bliss, taste it.

Love is a dream, realize it.

Love is a challenge , meet it.

Love is costly, care for it.

Love is wealth, keep it.

Love is a sorrow, overcome it.

Love is too precious, do not destroy it.

Love is love, fight for it.

Do you agree with these words?

(Высказывания личного мнения по 1-2-3 человека от группы)

1.What is love in your opinion?

2.What is more Important: to love or to be loved.

3.Can you forgive when your boyfriend /girlfriend let your down.

4.”Free love” is something progressive or a sign of the decay of the society?

5.Can love last for the whole life?

2.Main part

*Role play

T:One student is a famous expert-producer who is giving interview. The second student is a viewer , who is interested in a cliché,used in Hollywood films which impresses romantic teens, especially girls:

-What is love? Love is blind.

-What does love do? Love makes the world go round.

-Whom does a young man fall in love with? With the Only Girl in the World.

-Whom does a young woman fall in love with? With the Only Boy in the World.

-When do they fall in love? At first sight.

-How? Madly.

-Discribe the Only Girl. Her eyes are like a stars, teeth like pearls, her lips are ruby,she’s charming

-Discribe the Only Boy. He is a Blond Viking, a he-man,has a heart of gold,kind,handsome and noble.

-What happens when they fall in love? They get married.

-What’s marriage? Marriage is a lottery.

T:And now do you know any cliché used in our novels and films?Does it mean that only Beauties and Blond Vikings can fall in love and be loved?

(Высказывания личного мнения по 1-2-3 человека от группы,составляют собственное

клише наших фильмов и романов)

*Opinion talk

T: I’d like to remind you that in the USA and UK there is a low that girls and boys at the age of 21 are allowed to be engaged and get married. Early marriages are not popular there. Let’s listen to the girl’s letter to Cinderella.

(Учащиеся прослушивают запись письма)

Dear Cinderella

I’m an 18-year-old university student who needs advice.At present, I’m living at home with my parents but,I have a boyfriend, Mike. He is twenty-year old musician. I met him a year ago. We have a good relationship. Nobody has ever loved me more than Mike. We hardly ever fight and we always

enjoy being together. I like him very much and always look forward to seeing him.

The trouble is that my parents disapprove of Mike. They are very strict and think I’m not old

enough to have serious relationship. I’m not allowed to see him very often very often and when I complain they get angry.I get very depressed.My parents make my life miserable. We often fight and I find difficult to sleep at night. I have to beg them if I want to go out with Mike on Saturday night.This has put pressure on our relationship, but neither of us want to end it. What can I do about my problem?Can you help?

T:Try to solve the conflict and help the girl. Give her some advice, but firstly ask as many questions as possible to make the conflict clearer.

*Role-play the situation

(1 ученица – Сью, 1 группа формирует вопросы от лица психолога,2 группа от лица журналиста,3 группа от лица друзей)

Discussion-cards(a group discussion)

What age must people fall in love at?

Do you think that marriage kills love?

Are for or against early marriage?

Should you listen someone’s advice then you are in love?

Why do Americans start value family relations again?

What makes people feel dearest and nearest?

What makes a successful marriage?

(Групповая работа учащихся с раздаточным материалом)

1.Accepting your partner as he/she is.

2.Having a good relationship with your in-laws.

3.Having a home of your own.(Not necessarily owning it)

4.Being from a similar class and culture.

5.Both partners being able and willing to cook.

6.Being able to make each other laugh.

7.Being able to respect each other’s needs.

8.Having similar interests.

9.Being faithful to each other.

10.Being honest.

11.Both partners being of similar intelligence.

12.Being able to communicate with each other.

13.Having similar views, e.g about politics and religion.

14.Being handy about the house.

15.Having good health.

16.Having children.

(Каждая группа предъявляет наилучший по их мнению ответ)


T:So we have discussed so many questions and situations about such a wonderful feeling as her “Majesty Love” Finally we can say that love makes the had go round.


1.Find as many similies to the word “love”.

2.Make up a poem use 2 ajectives:sweet,tender.3 verbs: enjoy, admire, fight.

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