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Методическая разработка по проведению традиционного праздника «Halloween party» - страница №1/1

Методическая разработка по проведению традиционного праздника « Halloween party»

(В помощь учителям английского языка)

Традиционный праздник

«Halloween Party»

(Для учащихся 5-9 классов)

Автор: Базанова А.С., учитель английского языка Моховской основной общеобразовательной школы Чановского района


Воспитательные: 1.знакомство с обычаями и традициями англоязычных стран;

2. воспитывать у учащихся уважительное отношение к культуре другой страны;

3. знакомство с английскими песенками и стихами;

Образовательные:1.активизация Past Simple , Present progressive, Present perfect в речи;

2. знакомство с .новыми словами;

3. знакомство новыми английскими выражениями;

Пособия: костюмы, плакаты, цветок с сердцем, волшебная книга, таз с водой, яблоки, плакат с изображением ослика,

хвост ослика, две пары обуви , два стула,призы.

Ход вечера:

The 1st girl: Halloween was first celebrated many centuries ago in Ireland and in Scotland. They observed the end of

autumn and the beginning of winter.

The 2nd girl: The people thought that Halloween was the night when the witches came out. As they were afraid of the

witches they put on different clothes and painted their faces to deceive the evil spirits.

The 1st girl: They also placed food and small gifts near the doors of their houses for the witches. This was, as they

say now, the beginning of the expression “ trick or treat” (meaning “give me something or I’ll play a

trick on you”)

The2nd girl: As time went by, grown up people lost interest in Halloween, and it was celebrated almost entirely by

children. Dressed very strangely, children held festivals During their carnival and after it; groups of

children visited near by houses and asked for candies. “Trick or treat! Trick or treat!” was heard


The1st girl: In recent years, grown up people have begun taking part in Halloween. Long before the time when the

carnival procession begins to move, a great number of people get together in one of the streets. They are

dressed as witches, demons and other evil spirits. There are hundreds of large orange pumpkins in their

hands. After the parade the festival lasts almost till early morning.


All those who are fond of English and American traditions are invited to attend a Halloween Party, which is to be held on Fancy-dress costumes are to be your only certificate.

(Зал украшен гирляндами и флажками, всюду развешены изображения ведьм, чертей, черных кошек и т. д.).

The Main Witch: Hallo friends! Let us begin our holiday, the witches holiday.

(У ребят в руках транспаранты и плакаты)

«Long lives all the witches and wizards».

«Down with the people!»

The Main Witch: Hallo, dear witches, wizards, ghosts and other friends of mine. We’ve gathered here to celebrate the most

important holiday – Halloween.

Children: Today all witches, wizards, ghosts and other devils have come here because they got lost and they want to

get to their own fairy-tale. And you, children, must help them. All of them will tell you their stories. And

we will play, dance, sing the songs with them. I see that Jack O Lantern is here. Will you tell us your story,


Jack O’ Lantern: My name is Jack and here is my lantern made from a pumpkin . I used to play practical jokes on the devil

and I am punished for it. I am not permitted to enter heaven and have to walk on and on the earth.

The Main Witch: I fv sorry for you. And now let us sing a song “Looby - Loo”.

(Звучит песня “Looby-Loo”)

The Main Witch: You are not dancing? Who are you?

Koshchey-Bessmertny: I am Koshchey Bessmertny. I’ve come from the Russian fairy-tales. I want to be good. Besides I want to

see all the witches and wizards happy. I want all of you to enjoy the party. This is a flower, in this flower

there is an apple and ithe apple there is my heart. Who will guess all words on the flower, he will take my


The Main Witch: That is very good.

(Песня “Building blocks”)

The Main Witch: Oh, don’t you see these four witches and fairies.

Hingema: I am the greatest witch here. My name is Hingema. You’ve heard about me. The Fairy-tale-country

belongs to me.

Stella: My name is Stella and I’m the greatest fairy in the world.

Hingema: This is my country. I was the first to come here..

Bastinda: You are all wrong. I am the greatest witch in the world.

Villina: I think that it is very bad to quarrel. Children! Help us! This Is my magic book. If we shall guess this task

We shall be friendly in our land. Who will help us?

(Фея открывает волшебную книгу и читает задание. (ребус «One for all and all for one”. Дети отвечают.)

Hingema: Thank you , children.

Bastinda: Let’s not quarrel any more.

Villina: We must be friendly.

Stella: We shall live in peace.

All children: One for all and all for one.

(Учащиеся 6 класса выбегают в костюмах чертей , поют и танцуют. Песня “Welcome little travelers”)

The 1st devil: Hello!

The2nd devil: Hello!

The3rd devil! Hello!

The Main Witch: Who are you?

The 1st devil: I am the devil of bad behavior.

The Main Witch: And what do you do?

The2nd devil: I don’t like quiet and polite children.

The3rd devil: I am the devil of bad moods. I try to make people lonely and sad.

(Появляется Карабас-Барабас)

Karabas-Barabas: Go away, little devils. Where are my little puppies? Oh, I see my little puppies

(Выходят куклы, танцуют и поют. Песня “See them jump, jump”)

The Main Witch: Oh, I see an old woman who is she, children? Do you know her?

Children: Shapoklyak.

Shapoklyak: Yes! I am Shapoklyak. I do a lot of harmful things. I feel pleased when children are naughty. Now,

children, let’s play a little. You must catch an apple in the water with the help of a fork.. Good luck

(На стуле в тазу с водой лежат яблоки, рядом вилка.)

Wait a minute. You mustn’t see anything.

(Завязывает участнику глаза)

Shapoklyak: You are good! Be my friends.

(Появляется Привидение под музыку группы «Спейс»)

Ghost: I am the Ghost. You can see two chairs some distance away. I’ll call two pupils. Each of them is to come

up to the chair with his eyes closed and try to shoe all the legs of the chair. The pupil that is first will get

the prize.

The Main Witch: Children, please, look at this donkey. He has lost his tail, but I have found it. Here it is. If you manage to

fix it in its proper place you’ll be given a prize.

(Дети выходят и с завязанными глазами прикрепляют хвост ослику, нарисованному на плакате

The Main Witch: Very good! Our concert is over. Thank you for your attention! Good buy! And now you may dance.

(После вечера - дискотека в карнавальных костюмах .Выявляется самый страшный костюм, а обладателя этого костюма награждают )

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