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Коллективное творческое дело на английском языке с учащимися 5х классов - страница №1/1

Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение

«Средняя общеобразовательная школа №4

п. Чернянка Белгородской области»

Коллективное творческое дело

на английском языке

с учащимися 5х классов

Подготовила: учитель немецкого и английского языков Потрясаева Людмила Валентиновна.

Чернянка 2007г.


- Совершенствовать навыки аудирования и говорения в ситуациях, максимально приближенных к реальным.

- Расширять кругозор учащихся, знания о культуре и традициях стран изучаемого языка.

- Воспитывать уважение к культуре других стран, а также трудолюбие и ответственность за порученное дело.

(Участники сидят за столами по 6 человек. Кабинет украшен шарами.)

Звучит музыка.

T: Have all the guests come together?

(No!) (Стук в дверь).

T: Юля, answer the door.

Ю:I’m coming. Just a minute. Hello, Lilia. Come in.

Л: This is my friend Helen.

Ю: Hello, Helen.

Н: Hello,Yulya!

Ю: These are my friends . Come on.

(Hi! Hello!)
T: Take your places. Now all are present. We can start.

Dear friends! You have learnt much about life in GB these two years. And today we shall speak about English holidays and children party. Please, guess some of them. You will get the description of one of the holidays, read it & say what holiday it is. (Раздать листики).

T: What holiday hake you read about?

  1. St. Valentine’s Day (показать открытки).

  2. Easter

  3. Halloween

  4. Christmas

  5. Balloon party. You are right!

(Look at these beautiful greeting cards to these holidays!)
T: Engl. children like to celebrate holidays. They have their own theme parties. For example, football party, Teddy Bear party, balloon party. And today we have a balloon party, too. We shall speak English, sing songs, play English games.

What a happy day today

All the children sing & play

All the children are very gay

On this happy party day.

You are welcome to our balloon party! (звучит музыка)

T: We have prepared for the party. You have made place marker & name badges. Look, how nice they are! How did you make them & why? Who would like to tell us about it?

T: Thank you! It’s really very interesting and comfortable.

T: There isn’t any party without flowers. Am I right? Do you agree?

Alexander: Yes, of course. Let’s put some flowers on the table. This is how we’ll do it. We’ll take this bowl. It’s round and not too high. We’ll take put into it. Now let’s take these flowers and small branches. That’s fine. Now we can fill the bowl with water and put it on the table.

(демонстрирует изготовление вазы с цветами, учащиеся дарят цветы учителям со словами:“These flowers are for you”)
T: And what else have you prepared for the party? (Диалог “Fortune tree” Andrey: I’ve made a fortune tree for the party. Fist of all I put the colored paper on the bowl and a large piece of plasticine into it. I then put the branchy into the plasticine. After that I wrote fortunes on pies of paper and put them with the sweets on the tree.

T: Do you want to know your fortune? Then come & take one piece of paper. (Выходят 3 человека) Let me! Do you like your fortune?

T: Oh, I see a lantern. It’s very interesting. Tell about it. (Диалог и показ Lantern)

Зажигаем свечку.

T: Engl. Children make not only fortune-tree for the party, but different crackers. How can we make them? Who can… (wants…)? (Диалог “Crackers”) (Раскрывает хлопушку) Oh, what is there? Let’s read! (1-2 учащихся читают)

T: It is very important how to prepare and lay the table for the party. Our girls have done it well. Look at the tables. What & how have you cooked & baked? Share with your experiences! (With

Pleasure. Yes, certainly. Yes, of course.) (Диалог “Cakes & Sweets”).
T: At the table everybody must behavior himself mannerly & speak not loud & politely. Listen to the talk “Al table” & say how you could answer these gut ions? You may write. Let’s read them at first. (Читают вопросы на доске)

1 прослушивание – проверка: учитель говорит реплику, учащиеся реагируют.

2 прослушивание – Listen to the talk once again, notice the intonation & try to talk at you table & tо be so polite.

T: Work in groups. Then we’ll listen some of them.

(Работа в группах. Ситуации для каждой группы разные)

T: Sorry to interrupt you. Speak, please! (Диалог “At table)

T: Do you agree with me: All the children can’t imagine the party without games. Would you like to play?

Let’s I explain the rules play the game “Pass the parcel”.

T: You wrap a surprise in a lot of paper. We all stand or sit in a circle & pass the parcel to the person next to us. There is music playing when we are doing this. When the music stops – you take off one piece of paper. Then the music starts again. The person, who takes the last piece of paper, wins the prize.

(Выходят 5 человек, включается музыка)

T: Let’s dance a little! The dancing competition! (5 человек)

The rules are the same. But you must dance. (Быстрая кантри)

Ученик: What is this poster for? (на доске висит постер с изображением ослика без хвоста)

T: It’s for the game “Pin the tail on the D” Everybody has a chance to put the tail on the D. But it is not easy, because you can not see. The person who puts the tail nearest to the right place is the winner. (2-3 человека играют)

T: It’s a pity, but our party is going to the end. Please take you balloons, write something pleasant on them & give them to your friends. (Звучит кантри медленная).

T: I would like to listen to your opinion about our party. Finish the sentences: …I liked… I disliked…

T: We have talked & played. We had a good time today. Let’s sing a song about friends. And I wish you be happy & gay. (Все встают и поют “The more we are together…”

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