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Russian: www.muhlenberg.edu/depts/forlang/new_llc/russian/program/program.html


FALL 2004

Meeting Times: Instructor: Dr. Luba Iskold

M/T/R 2:00-2:50 p.m. Office: Ettinger 102-A

Room: Taylor 06 Office Hrs: T/R 3:00-4:00 p.m,

email: iskold@muhlenberg.edu F 10:30 –11:30 a.m. & by appointment

Phone: X 3516

Language Learning Center (LLC): Ettinger 103


Course Objectives:

In this class you will continue developing practical language skills: reading, writing, and speaking. Elementary Russian II or its equivalent is the prerequisite for this course. Your learning of grammar will be contextualized and connected with the text. Because this course includes a video component, you will also focus on mastering your skills of understanding native speakers in authentic contexts. In order to prepare you to continue the study of Russian in Intermediate Russian II and for the use of Russian beyond the classroom, one class period per week will be allocated for practicing conversation skills through small group and partner/pair activities. Through the videotext, readings, and meaningful communicative activities you will expand your knowledge about Russian people and culture, a necessary skill in today’s global community. You will also continue mastering your writing and word processing skills. Your success in developing the necessary communicative skills in Russian will be based on your effective work throughout the semester. You are welcome and encouraged to consult with me in English outside the classroom, however in the classroom you should try to speak Russian.

Желаю удачи!!!
Required textbooks and materials:

  1. Lubensky, Ervin, Jarvis: Начало: When in Russia…Book 2, Second edition; McGraw-Hill, 2003. Abbreviated TXT.

  2. Workbook and Laboratory Manual Second edition, 2003. Abbreviated WLM.

  3. Viewing Guide. Second edition. McGraw-Hill, 2003.

(4) For your convenience, audio and video CDs are installed on all PCs in the LLC.
Recommended texts:

For your convenience, audio CDs are installed on all PCs in the LLC

Edward Cruise. English Grammar for Students of Russian.

Romanov’s English-Russian/Russian-English Dictionary.

Russian Verbs. Thomas Beyer.

Russian Grammar. Quick study.
Attendance and participation: regular class attendance is required in this course. Your active participation in class and outside the classroom is vital for satisfactory progress in the study of Russian. You will need to stay focused and engaged 50 out of 50 minutes of class time!!! If you are absent for more than four times during the semester without justification, you will be penalized on the final course grade, since I shall not be able to give you credit for class work. In the event of absence, please inform me before the class that you will not be there; the use of email or telephone is greatly encourages. Please arrive on time; plan ahead to avoid trips to the restroom s during class. Chewing gum and eating are strongly discouraged, as they impede your ability to speak clearly.

Intermediate Russian I Dr. Luba Iskold
Assignments: Because a learning a language other than your native tongue requires persistence, regular preparation for class is required. The dates for exams quizzes, compositions, LLC assignments or other work are stated on the syllabus. There will be no opportunity to take exams or quizzes on other dates without an excuse form the Dean’s Office. In any case, I will determine whether these excuses are acceptable or not.
For electronic communication, please be sure to check your Muhlenberg email and Blackboard accounts frequently.
Grading: Your grade in this course will be determined as follows:

Quizzes 10% Class Participation 20%

Exams 25% Independent work/LLC 10%

Workbook 20% Final Exam 15%

Course Work:
Quizzes/exams: There will be quizzes, tests, and a final examination in this course.

Workbook: I will grade your Workbook weekly (see the syllabus for due dates). All quizzes will be based on the five skill areas necessary for communication: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and culture. Exams are given over a period of three days: one for the oral component and two for grammar, vocabulary, culture, listening and reading. Quizzes will be shorter than exams (about 15-25 minutes) and will focus on a few (but not necessarily all) the skills at once.

Russian Table: I will meet you at the G.Q. (in the back area facing Chew Str.) every

M 10:30-11:15 a.m. Don’t miss the opportunity to speak Russian with your peers and with me!

Academic Behavior Code: You must comply with Muhlenberg’s Academic Behavior Code in all work for this course. Consult the Student Handbook for details. All work submitted for a grade needs to have the complete Academic Behavior Code Statement and your signature attesting to compliance with it: Я выполнил Академический Код + ваша фамилия.
Tutoring Assistance: The Office of Academic Support provides free tutors as part of its peer tutoring program. These are trained student tutors with expertise in language acquisition who can help you make your work an effective learning experience. Tutors are available for individual and group tutoring sessions for one hour per week throughout the semester. Please do not hesitate to use such assistance should you need it. Pick up the “Request for a Tutor “ form in the Office of Academic Support (basement of Seegers). Fill out the form and ask your instructor to sign it.
Learning Disabilities:

If you have a learning disability documented by the Office of Academic Support at Muhlenberg College, you are entitled to certain accommodations. Please see me early in the semester so I can make special arrangements according to your individual needs.

Intermediate Russian I Dr. Luba Iskold
Class Schedule/ Расписание:


Неделя 1

Понедельник 30 Урок 8, часть 1. Московская жизнь

Лена идет на свидание. Стр.3-4

Вторник 31 Грамматика: стр. 5-9. LLC: Календарь


Четверг 2 Культура речи: стр.10-15. WLM, стр.1-8

Класс в лаборатории /LLC (Ett. 103). Video

Неделя 2

Понедельник 6 Урок 8, часть 2. Кого что интересует.

Стр. 16-18

Вторник 7 Грамматика: стр. 18-24. LLC: Календарь

Wed., Sept.3 last day for course changes

Четверг 9 Культура речи 27-30. WLM, стр.13-19.

Quiz #1

Неделя 3

Понедельник 13 Урок 8, часть 3. Давайте купим вам новый

компьютер. cтр.31-32. Чтение

Вторник 14 Грамматика: стр. 33-39. Сочинение в калссе.

Четверг 16 Грамматика: стр. 39-44. Культура речи 45-47.

WLM, стр.22-32. Rosh Hashnah

Неделя 4

Понедельник 20 Урок 8, часть 4. Мой адрес. Стр.50

LLC: Числа (1-20)

Вторник 21 Где ты живешь? стр. 51-57. Сочинение (дома).

Четверг 23 ТВ. стр. 57-59. WLM, стр.35-44. Quiz #2

25 Yom Kippur

Неделя 5

Понедельник 27 Повторение: Итак. Стр.60-65

Вторник 28 Экзамен # 1 (глава первая)

Четверг 30 Повторение/анализ экзамена

Октябрь Homecoming: октябрь, 1-3

Неделя 6

Понедельник 4 Устный экзамен. (Конференция, Ett.104)

Вторник 5 Урок 9, часть 1. Едем или идем?

Джим в метро, стр. 70-74.

Четверг 7 С акцентом? стр. 75-81. Video.

Неделя 7

Понедельник 11 Урок 9, часть 2. Бабушка знает все. Стр. 85-6.

Вторник 12 Грамматика и практика.87-96. Take home quiz.

Четверг 14 Культура речи, стр.96-97. WLM 59-66.

Mid-semester grades are due Friday, Oct. 15 .

Каникулы! Каникулы! пятница, 15 октября- --среда, 20 октября
Intermediate Russian I Dr. Luba Iskold

Вторая половина семестра:

Неделя 8

Четверг 21 Урок 9, часть 3. Настоящий бизнесмен.

WLM 71-80

Неделя 9

Понедельник 27 Урок 9, часть 4. Черная кошка. Стр. 116-117

Вторник 28 Грамматика и практика.118-24

Четверг 30 Культура речи. Стр.125-27. WLM 84-92

Family Weekend. Встреча с семьей. Окт. 29-31


Неделя 10

Понедельник 1 Урок 9, часть 4. Черная кошка. Стр. 116-117

Вторник 2 Практика.118-24. Take home quiz

Четверг 4 Культура речи. Стр.125-27. WLM 84-92

Неделя 11

Понедельник 8 Подготовка к экзамену. Итак..128-32

Вторник 9 Экзамен # 2

Четверг 11 Урок 10, часть 1. С Новым годом.135-36

Неделя 12

Понедельник 15 Урок 10, часть 1. Грамматика 137-43. LLC:

Русская кухня

Вторник 16 Культура речи 141-45. WLM 97-104

Четверг 18 Урок 10, часть 2. Стр. 146-49

Неделя 13

Понедельник 22 Урок 10, часть 2. стр. 137-43

Вторник 23 Культура речи 149-54. Quiz #4. WLM 108-114.

Четверг 25 День Благодарения. Thanksgiving Recess

begins at the conclusion of classes on Wednesday, Nov.24. Каникулы.!!!

Неделя 14

Понедельник 29 Грамматика и практика.160-66.

Урок 10, часть 3. Скорее за стол. Стр.159-160

Вторник 30 Культура речи 166-68. WLM 119-25. Video


Четверг 2

Неделя 15

Понедельник 6 Урок 10, часть 4. Давайте споем. Стр. 170-71.

Вторник 7 Грамматика 170-180. WLM 129-36. Video

Четверг 9 Индивидуальные проекты.

Final Examination Экзамен __________________________________________________________________

Study Days Dec. 11 & 12

Final Exams Dec. 13-17

Final Grades Due Dec. 17

Зимние каникулы! С Новым Годом!


Visit this text-specific website (http://mhhe.com/nachalo)

See the list of LLC resources in Blackboard

Intermediate Russian I Dr. Luba Iskold
Useful Tips on How to Succeed in this Class:
Learn as much classroom vocabulary as possible during the first couple weeks of class. This will assist you with avoiding English in simple conversations in class. Although I plan on using English when I explain complicated material, we’ll be learning and practicing how to ask and answer questions in Russian. You are welcome and encouraged to consult with me in English outside the classroom, however in class you should try to speak Russian.

Take responsibility for your own learning!

Since you spend only three hours a week in class this semester, try to spend more time preparing for class. Like playing a musical instrument, the study of language requires

a lot of practice. Don’t forget to “practice your scales” every day.
If you must miss class, contact another student to find out what you must prepare for the following class.
In my teaching I will continue relying on what I call the “snowball” approach. This means that we will keep adding new material to what you already know and will continue reviewing the old information, taking it every time to a higher level of sophistication.

Be well organized. Keep all handouts and practice sheets that I make for you in your course binder, because you will need them for further reference.

Although we’ll be doing more reading and discussion in class, the format of the course packet is the same as last year. By doing well in this course you will be well prepared for Intermediate II:
Every text or exercise with a picture of head phones next to it is recorded on student CD.

Play the same audio at least 3-4 times!!! Read out loud, try to imitate pronunciation.

You will continue writing in your Workbook and are expected to complete a section per week. However, this semester I do not require that you complete every exercise from beginning to end. First, brows through exercise items, decide if you understand what’s required, then choose any three sentences (or tasks) and complete. I will look at your workbooks every week.
We will be reviewing homework in class. If you have any questions, be sure to ask!

It will be your responsibility to identify items that need clarification.

Each section in the Workbook concludes with a Laboratory Manual which contains listening and speaking exercises. The Audio Program that correlates with the Laboratory manual has finally arrived !!! Note that it is available only at the Language Learning Center. You will need to go to the language lab (LLC: Ettinger 103) to complete these exercises.
We will continue watching video episodes in class together. The on-line Video Guides that I had designed for you, will help you develop listening/video comprehension skills and understand the videotext better. To review a video episode and to practice the material in an interactive, multimedia format at your own pace as many times as you wish, you will need to go to the Language Learning Center.

Intermediate Russian I Dr. Luba Iskold

Language Learning Center (LLC)

is a state-of-the art technological facility located in Ettinger 103 (tel.x3339).

Hours: M/T/W/R 8:00 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. LLC closes at 4:00 p.m. on Fridays.

Evening hours are M/T/W/R 6:30 9:30 p.m.

Complete list of Russian resources is available in Blackboard. Are you checking your Muhlenberg email account frequently?
☺Continue learning how to type documents in Russian using Cyrillic Keyboard.

If you’d like to have it on your personal computer, you can find instructions on the Russian Studies Homepage. Should you need assistance with downloading the program, please contact Andrew Woodward or Josh Lauer at the LLC.

☺Discover useful links through our departmental site at: http://www.muhlenberg.edu/depts/forlang/new_llc/russian/fac_res/web_res.html
☺Explore Russian Studies Homepage and learn more about the program, and our major/minor requirements; read alumni stories, explore employment opportunities for people who know Russian and much-much more at:


Website (http://mhhe.com/nachalo)

«Начало» website is text specific. It provides additional exercises, as well as cultural information, links to authentic sites, and expands on themes of each lesson. You do not need to go to the LLC in order to access it.

From experience you already know that learning styles vary form student to student. For example, some of you learnt better from reading, others from listening; some students loved typing, others enjoyed practicing cursive. Similarly, in this class, you may do better in one area of language study, and slightly worth in another.
I would like to encourage you to develop, based on your individual interests and needs, your personal plans for what you want to learn within a given period of time, and monitor your own progress. Certainly, the LLC resources will come in handy for such projects.
When planning on individual projects, think about your academic objectives. In youр class there are students who interested in business, anthropology, education, national security, medicine, etc. When choosing an individual project, each of you may work on a topic in the field of his/her personal interest. For example, when practicing reading, or pronunciation, typing skills, you may choose medical terms, or texts about education. Certainly, such projects require a lot of creativity. I will be happy to assist you with planning as well as to reword you with extra credit for your accomplishments.

What’s most important is that the study of Russian contributes to your liberal arts experience, and overall personal growth.

Visit the LLC to study grammar, master vocabulary, explore cultural information, become a better reader and start learning how to write brief passages in Russian, take advantage of the Internet links that I’ve compiled for you, practice word processing.

If you run out of ideas, come see me!

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