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Викторина тема «книги в нашей жизни» - страница №1/1

Цели:обобщение изученного материала по теме « Книги в нашей жизни»;
активизация навыков диалогической и монологической речи;
закрепление лексических и аудитивных навыков.

Оборудование: жетоны- карточки, картинки для составления предложений,

карточки (диалог с пропущенными словами) для задания 1, карточки (пословицы и поговорки) для задания 6 по количеству участников викторины.


  1. Организационный момент

Good morning, boys and girls! Today we shall have a competition on the topic
“Books in our life”. You will play games and do different tasks. You will get
a’book” if you are the best participant. The winner of our competition will be
a person who will have more books than other pupils. Let’s begin,please.

  1. Задание 1

It’s time to begin our competition. You’ll have to work in a chain and ask some
questions on the topic “Books”. You’ll get two books for the question and one
book for the answer.

(Учащимся предлагается составить вопросы по теме « Книги в нашей

жизни» и задать их своим соперникам.Учащиеся работают по цепочке:
ученик произносит свой вопрос вслух и называет ученика, который
ответит на него. Ученик, ответивший на вопрос, получает право задать
следующий вопрос. Если ученик испытывает затруднение в составлении
вопроса, ход переходит к следующему ученику. За каждый грамматичес-
ки правильно составленный вопрос по теме ученик получает два жетона,
за правильный ответ – один жетон.)

1)When and where do you usually read? (I usually read at home in the eve-

2)How much time do you spend on reading every day? (I usually spend an
hour on reading every day).
3)How many books have you got at home? (I have got more than a hundred
of books at home.)
4)How old were you when you began reading? (I was five years old when I
began reading.)
5)Do you prefer to read books or magazines? (I prefer to read books.)
6)Do your parents help you to choose the books you read? (My parents
sometimes help me to choose the books I read.)
7)Do you do ane extra reading? (Yes, I do. I do some extra reading.)

3)Задание 2

I want you to look at the blackboard. You can see some portraits there.
Can you tell me the names of the famous writers and poets? I shall
name the books in English and you’ll name the authors.

“ Gulliver’s Travels” – Jonathan Swift.

“ Alice in Wonderland” – Lewis Carroll.
“The Prince and the Pauper” –Mark Twain.
“The Jungle Book” – Rudyard Kipling.
“The Old Man and the Sea” –Ernest Hemingway.

“ Jane Eyre”- Charlotte Bronte.

“Winnie –the- Pooh” – Alan Alexander Milne.
“ Ruslan and Lyudmila”- Alexander Pushkin.
“ Hamlet”- William Shakespeare.
“Ivanhoe”-Walter Scott.
“David Copperfield”-Charles Dickens.
“The Count of Monte Cristo” – Alexandre Dumas.

4)Задание 3

I can see you know different writers and poets and their works very well.
The next task for you is to prove that a book can be a good present fot
everyone. Share your ideas, please. You’ll have a book for each statement.
1) Reading books is useful and interesting.
2)A lot of people are fond of reading nowadays.
3)Books help us to solve the problems of our life.
4)We learn a lot of new facts about famous people, lands and countries from
5)Books help us to make new friends.
6)Books are useful because they learn us to plan our time and life.
7)Reading books is a popular hobby of people of different ages.
8)Books have beautiful pictures and photos.
9)Books are not very expensive.
10)Books help pupils to study better.
11)We can buy different editions in the shop.

5)Задание 4

I am sure, you know different types of books. Now you’ll have to write down
the types of books on the sheets of paper. We shall check up the task in 3 minutes. The pupils who will have the long list of the types of books will get
three books.

(A travel book, a love story, an autobiography, a classic,a detective story,a folktale, a romance, a biography, a fairy tale, an adventure story, a science fiction, a horror story,a war novel, a historical novel,a novel,a humorous story.

6) Задание 5

As I know, people of different ages like to read fairy tales. Do you like to read them? Why do you like fairy tales? ( They are exciting. They usually have an interesting plot. Fairy tales are easy to read. There are a lot of amusing and witty tales.)

Now I shall describe a fairy tale and you will guess it. Are you ready to start?

1)This story is about three brothers. They wanted ti build three houses in the wood. But the wolf destroyed two of them. (“Three Little Pigs”.)

2)This poor girl had no mother but she had a stepmother and two stepsisters.
She was unhappy and worked a lot but at the end of the story the prince married her. (Cinderella)
3)The girl wanted to visit her grandmother but she had many problems on her way. The hunters helped her to see her granny. (Little Red Riding Hood).
4)This beautiful girl lived in water.She fell in love with the young man. She
couldn’t live among people and was very unhappy. (Little Mermaid).
5)The bear had many friends. They lived in the forest and this fairy tale
is about their adventures. (Winnie-the Pooh.)
6)This fish could do everything the old man and woman wanted her to do.
But the old woman was greedy and selfish and finally they lost their property.
(Golden Fish.)
7)This boy didn’t want to become a grown-up. He could fly and visit different
places. (Peter Pan.)

7)Задание 6

I am sure you’ve learnt many poems this school year. It’s time to listen to you.
Who will be the first.

(За выразительное рассказывание стихотворения ученик получает до двух жетонов.)

8)Подведение итогов.

Thank you for your work. We can say that books play a very important role in our life and people can’t live without books. Now it’s time to finish our work. It is interesting to know who the winner today is. Katya and Alex are the best pupils. Let’s clap our hands. Thank you.

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